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Global Pharma Labs, Inc. is a pharmaceutical company focused on developing effective low-priced medication treatments of diseases affecting humans.  Its first medication product, OA-SYS™, is a new, innovative treatment of OsteoArthritis.  In one pilot study, patients treated for osteoarthritis with OA-SYS™ show an average reduction of 90.1% in pain, and 94.5% in stiffness with a 86.5% average improvement of function.  Treatment with OA-SYS effected cure or total remission of osteoarthritis in many of these patients.

Global Pharma Labs, Inc., is a Regulation A+ company now in the first round of raising capital through its SEC qualified Tier 2 offering which may be viewed at                    This capital will be used for phase 2 and phase 3 clinical trials of OA-SYS™.

Global Pharma Labs, Inc. intends to develop effective treatments for human disease, distribute those products to as many people as possible, and sell those products only with an outlook for a reasonable return on the company’s investment.   This will go a long way to building our brand.   OA-SYS™, which is expect to be a blockbuster breakthrough treatment, is Global Pharma Labs Inc.’s first such product.  We will make every effort to build our brand through developing effective treatments of human disease and selling those treatments at a reasonable cost.

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