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SEC qualified:  Reg A+, Tier 2


On behalf of Global Pharma Labs, Inc., I welcome you, as a potential investor, to make inquiries about investment opportunities in this company.  We are conducting a Tier 2 offering pursuant to our SEC (Securities Exchange Commission) qualified offering statement.  It is our intention to use the funds raised to initiate the phase 2 clinical trails on our first product, OA-sysTM, which we believe to be a breakthrough product in the treatment of osteoarthritis.  If our phase 2 clinical trails are consistent with our proof of concept studies, we will have developed the first disease-modifying treatment which affects around 750 million people globally.


We are excited to offer you an opportunity to invest in our company, GLOBAL PHARMA LABS, Inc.  While welcome large institutional investors, we also welcome individual investors.


If you are interested in this investment opportunity, we invite you to learn more about us through our website at or through the SEC hyperlink at :

or contact us at 84-377-5953.


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