About 750 million people globally who have contracted osteoarthritis (OA), suffer with chronic joint pain and stiffness, chronic fatigue, physical limitations, and significant difficulty in performing activities of daily living. OsteoArthritis is most often a systemic problem which typically affects multiple joints.   Present medication treatment of this systemic problem of osteoarthritis consist of medications which temporarily reduce pain and/or joint inflammation.  These medications, including narcotic analgesics and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, afford only hours in relief of pain but otherwise very little impact on the disease.  

Non-medication treatments treat only a single joint at a time, rather than the systemic problem, and includes surgical joint replacement and injection of hyaluronic acid into the joint space.   These non-medication treatments may reduce pain in the joint treated but usually does not render that joint pain free and has no effect on other involved untreated joints.   As a practical matter, non-medication treatments do not offer any hope of cure or even remission of this systemic disease of osteoarthritis.  

Global Pharma Labs Inc.’s first drug product, OA-SYS™, is the first disease modifying medication treatment that has been developed for this systemic problem of osteoarthritis.  OA-SYS™ relieves joint pain, joint stiffness, fatigue, reduces or eliminates physical limitations, and improves functions of daily living.

The preliminary trials that were conducted with OA-SYS™ were overwhelmingly positive.   In one primary trial, the participants showed mean improvement in the pain, stiffness and functional limitations score was 90.1% , 94.5%, and 86.5% respectively.  In another proof of concept study, the participants showed a mean improvement in pain, stiffness and tenderness scores of 91%, 86.4%, and 91.5%.   In addition, 50% of participants in both studies stated they no longer had any symptoms of arthritis. 

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